Silver Barber Dimes

1892 ICG Barber Dime Proof Pr 64 Very Nice Cameo Look, Free Shipping 1892-O 10c PCGS MS-64 PQ NEAR GEM BARBER DIME WITH GREAT COLOR 1908 Barber Dime 90 Silver 1893 Barber Silver Dime 1895-S Barber Silver Dime Fine ENN COINS
1895 S Barber Dime 10c Silver Pcgs Certified Au55 About Uncirculated (288) 1901 Barber Dime PCGS MS64 Great Toning DoubleJCoins 1000-37 1902 S 10C Barber/Liberty Head Dime Certified PCGS AU50 Scarce Date 1895 Barber Dime, Razor Sharp Strike, Lustrous White Choice BU++ Key Date Expert Tips On Identification And Value Of A 1942 Dime
1 Troy Pound Lot Of 90% Silver Coins. Half Dollars, Quarters, & Barber Dimes Estate SILVER Hoarder COIN Lot MERCURY DIMES MORGAN & PEACE DOLLARS BARBER MIX Complete Set Barber Silver Dimes 75 Coins Including 1905-O Micro 1895-S Barber Dime PCGS VF20 1895-O Barber Dime Rare Key Date
1899-S Barber Dime PCGS AU-58 CAC -175429 1892 1916 BARBER LIBERTY DIME SET WHITMAN FOLDER ANACS 96o 1892- 1916 Barber Silver Dime Collection 54 Coins Many Key Dates Included #1 1892 Silver Barber Dime, Aj 032 1894 Barber Dime, Small, Abou UNC Silver Coin 4174.226
1912 Barber Dime High Grade Gem U. S. Silver 10c Ten Cent 1901-O Barber Dime, Beautiful Rainbow Color, Beautiful Choice BU++ 1895-S Barber Dime PCGS AU58 1895 Barber Dime, Razor Sharp Strike, Tough In MS, Key Date 1901-S Barber Dime Great Looking Piece Better Date
1892 O Barber Dime 12 318 Depending On Numismatic State 90 Silver New Orleans Mint Barber/liberty Head Dimes 1897-1916 Lot Of 34 Large Silver Dime Lot 22 Us Coins Mercury Barber Roosevelt 1916-P Barber Silver Dime 10C PCGS MS 64 NICE HIGH GRADE 1916-S 10C Barber/Liberty Head Dime Certified PCGS MS63 Silver Lustrous
1895-O Barber Silver Dime ICG EF 45 Details KEY DATE #MF 1916 UNC+++ Barber Dime STUNNINGStrong Strike! FREE SHIPPING 1912 D NGC MS65 Barber Dime 1909 (P) Barber Silver Dime PCGS MS62 Lustrous BU Coin Original Surfaces 548 T6 1895-O Barber Dime VF Key Date
1895 O Barber Silver Dime Barber Dime 50 Coin Roll Mixed Years Avg 1905-S 10C Barber Dime PCGS AU58 Nice Color/Tone 1894 Better date Barber dime, ANACS VF30, crusty original DavidKahnRareCoins 1892 10c PCGS PR67 Barber Dime (Only 1 graded higher by PCGS as of 3/20/19)
1911 Barber Silver Dime 10C WHITE Solid Gem BU+ (FRESH ROLL FIND) Uncirculated 1910 S Barber Dime PCGS AU53 1900 10c Barber Silver Dime PCGS MS60 OGH Old Green Holder 1895-O Barber Dime 10c Strong Good++ Very Rare in all Grades 1897 MS64 PCGS Double Sided Toned Barber Silver Dime Beautiful Album Toning
1906 S 10c Anacs Ms61 Choice Uncirculated Unc New Orleans Mint Barber Dime 1896-S Barber Dime 10C Sharp Details Rare Date Nice Coin 1913 MS65 PCGS 10C Barber Dime, Sharp Details, Slight Grey Toning, Free Shipping Are Barber Dimes Worth Stacking 1894 10C Barber Silver Dime PCGS Secure MS65
1905 10C PROOF Barber Dime PCGS PR 66 Key Date PCGS F12 1895 O Barber Dime with Green CAC Sticker (26519015) Historic Liberty Coins Seated Liberty Half Dollar Quarter Half Dime Barber etc 1895 Silver 10C Barber/Liberty Head Dime Certified PCGS & CAC AU55 Scarce Coin I Found A Dime That Is Worth 900 Barber Dime 1914
90% Silver Barber Dimes $5 Face (Roll of 50) Circulated 1899-S Barber Dime Nice Unc Details Nice Luster Nice Strike 1892-S 10C Barber Silver Dime KEY DATE Fine-very old light cleaning (041319) 1892 Barber Dime NGC PF65, Beautiful Toning 1895 Barber Dime, VF, scarce date

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